Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Day it Rained Cats and Dogs

BooBoo’s February Blog – RAINING CATS AND DOGS

I was sitting by the front door waiting to go out for my walk with Bertie as usual. I’ve found this is the best place to wait as I can make sure they don't leave without me. Nora of course was sitting next to me because these days she copies everything I do. Bertie had put on his wellies and his coat. It was a sign that we were soon about to go out. I had one paw on my ball as I was very keen to take it to Victoria Park so I could play with the other ParkPups.
Bertie’s mummy came downstairs and picked up our leads. Bertie clipped Nora’s lead on and then mine. Things were looking very good, but I was a bit worried because Bertie’s mummy didn’t have her shoes or her coat on and was talking about where her door keys were.  I knew this bit could take a long time especially if her keys were lost or if her phone was nowhere to be seen or, even worse, the phone actually rang!
But the keys were found, the phone was put in her bag, she tied her shoe laces and zipped up the zip on her coat. “Bye, Sophie!” shouted Bertie’s mummy as she finally reached out to open the front door. “We won’t be long!”
This was the moment! We were finally going for a walk. I had my nose wedged up against the crack in the door as I always like to be first out. But then...
Sophie, Bertie’s sister, shouted from the living room: “You can’t take them out in that, Mum! It’s raining cats and dogs!”
I stopped dead. I withdrew my nose from the crack in the door. I’d heard of rain before of course. It was wet and quite fun at first when you were able to splash through the puddles and get really muddy, but then not so fun when you got wet and cold. But raining cats and dogs! That was something I had never heard of before. Many thoughts rushed through my mind. Why were cats and dogs falling out of the sky instead of rain? How far did they fall? Did they get hurt? Were the dogs allowed to chase the cats when they landed on the ground? Bertie, Nora and I raced into the living room to find out.
We all jumped onto the back of the sofa and pressed our noses up against the steamed up window.
“Mummy! Where are the cats and dogs?! I can only see rain,” said Bertie.
I was relieved that Bertie had asked the question. We looked at Bertie’s mummy waiting for her answer.
“It’s not raining real cats and dogs,” laughed Sophie. “It’s just a funny way of saying that it’s raining really, really hard.”
“But why? That’s silly,” said Bertie.
“We’ll be fine if we put BooBoo and Nora’s coats on,” said Bertie’s mummy.
I was pleased that cats and dogs weren't falling from the sky, but the down side was I hate wearing my coat. At least it meant we could go to the park even if it was raining 'cats and dogs'. 

There's an activity sheet to download at ParkPups.com and a singalong clip 'I can sing a Rainbow' at our YouTube Channel Youtube.com/TheParkpups 

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