Friday, 4 April 2014

The Day We Played I-Spy

BooBoo's April Blog
Yesterday we couldn’t make up our minds what kind of day it was. It wasn’t hot enough to lie in the shade under the tree and sing some songs, which is was Mr Patou wanted to do. It was too hot to have races round the lake, which is what Frazzle wanted to do … but then it’s what he always wants to do. It was too cold to eat ice cream, which is what Daphne wanted to do, but too hot to stay inside the Park Ranger’s shed and paint some trees, which is what Masher wanted to do. In the end we decided to play Zola’s favourite game – I-Spy. So we set off round the park. I went first and I spied with my little eye something beginning with B, which Daphne guessed with her first go was B for BooBoo. I was going to change it to butterfly but couldn’t see any butterflies and besides I knew deep down that would be cheating. Then Daphne spied F for flowers, which Zola guessed. Then Zola said: “I spy with my little eye something beginning with TFD”. Well, none of us could see anything beginning with the letters TFD… until we heard a loud ‘ahhhhhh … hoooow … swwweeet’ coming from further down the canal. A group of people where huddled by the water’s edge. We walked closer to try and see what they were looking at when we saw a mummy duck and eight ducklings swimming down the canal towards us. “Oooh!” I cried, “look at the tiny, fluffy, ducklings!” Zola laughed heartily. “That’s it, BooBoo!” she said, “well done.” I said thank you but I wasn’t really sure what it was I’d done well. “Of course,” explained Mr Patou. “TFD – T for Tiny, F for Fluffy, D for Ducklings!”  For tiny fluffy ducklings they made a lot of chirping noises. We were all pleased that the new ducks had arrived and went to see if the swan’s eggs had hatched yet. They hadn’t. Then I heard Bertie whistling for me and we went home.


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