Friday, 4 July 2014

The Day BooBoo Met Earl

When Bertie and I arrived at the gates to the park ready for our usual afternoon walk, we were surprised to see everything looked different. A plastic tunnel snaked across the grass, broom handles were balanced on barrels, and seesaws and hoops were laid out on the field. And there were dogs everywhere. I quickly found Zola, Frazzle, Masher and Mr Patou with Daphne at the café and asked them what these strange objects were for. Mr Patou said it was a dog agility competition, which is like a sports day for dogs. In this special competition, dogs played in teams to see which team could get round the course the fastest. We should enter a ParkPups team! I said excitedly and the others thought this was a great idea.
As the fastest in the ParkPups team, Frazzle went first. He was brilliant as he dashed round the course and scored us a great time. Masher was next and did well too, although he was a little frightened of the tunnel, so decided to miss that bit out. Then Daphne had her go and leapt through the hoops like shed done it a million times before. Mr Patou couldnt help stopping to wave at the crowd, which held him up a little, but we were doing well. Then I went around the course as fast as my little terrier legs would carry me. As the broom handle was quite high, I thought it was better to shoot under it rather than over the top but for a first go it wasnt too bad. Zola was waiting for her turn but then Mrs Bancroft, who Zola lives with, said it was time to go home. We needed six dogs in our team.
Just as we thought we were going to have to pull out of the competition, a friendly voice behind me said: Hello. Ill be on your team if youd like. The voice belonged to an adorable Border Terrier called Earl. Earl was very handsome and quite small. He didnt look like the big collies that were dashing round the course. Ive done these competitions loads of times, said Earl cheekily. Im pretty good. Ive got 50 awards and I can do loads of tricks too. Earl showed us how he could sit up and beg and walk on his back legs.
Earl made us giggle and with his shiny wet nose, deep brown eyes and silky black ears, we didnt care that he didnt look like the other dogs in the competition. We all agreed wed love Earl to be a ParkPup for the day.

Earl trotted out as our final competitor. The starting signal went off and Earl set off like an arrow. He darted through the tunnel, leapt gracefully through the hoops, flew over the seesaw. His feet were moving so quickly as he zig-zagged through the posts with his ears back and eyes focused on the finish line. We all gasped as he whizzed by in record time. Earl was a superstar, and ParkPups won in the competition. But it wasnt our prize, it belonged to Earl and his wooftastic agility skills. We were sad to see Earl go at the end of the day, but he can come back and play with us any time.

Thanks to Young Kennel Club member Summer from Lincoln for entering her dog, Earl, into the 'Star in BooBoo's Blog' competition in Fetch magazine. He was a fantastic inspiration and we hope you enjoy the story. 

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